Portion controlled containers make eating healthy super easy and fun! With a world full of nutritional theories, food intolerances and faulty food marketing, its almost overwhelming to know how to eat healthy. Too many choices lead to overwhelm, which lead to quitting on our health goals. The Ultimate Portion Fix teaches you how to fuel your body for optimal health and energy with no guess work, no deprivation, and no diet. And with an incredible cookbook full of recipes and accountability, you will see amazing results that are truly life changing.

The Ultimate Portion Fix is not only about portion control. In this comprehensive program, where Autumn empowers you to know how to balance your macronutrients throughout the day and eliminate processed foods from your diet. I promise you that you will learn how to break your sugar addiction, get your kids and husband on board with eating healthy, and teach you how to maximize your nutrition for more energy. No more feeling tired and hitting a wall at 3 pm.

The Ultimate Portion Fix is about fueling your body with a well balanced diet with what it needs to perform at its best! No starving, no deprivation, no fasting and no saying goodbye to your favorite foods for the rest of your life. Essentially, its not a diet, but a lifestyle that you can actually do for the rest of your life. This is how to truly enjoy food, and feel amazing as you are filling your body with nutrients in the right ratio!


  • 30+ Videos about how to use the containers & principles of the nutrition plan

  • Workbook to take notes on everything you learn about

  • Daily Logbook to keep track of what you are eating and feeling

  • Set of 7 Portion-Control Containers

  • FIXATE Vol. 2 Cookbook with a 102 recipes (all family approved)

  • FIXATE Cooking Show with over 200 videos

  • 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids (Digital PDF)

  • Access to nutrition tracking and the Ultimate Portion Fix program through the Beachbody app allowing you to track and access the workouts from anywhere

  • FREE BONUS! 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts shot in real time

  • 30-day supply of Shakeology®

  • Shakeology Shaker Cup

The best part of purchasing the Ultimate Portion Fix is that you get access to me as your coach, and you will be plugged into our awesome online bootcamp for accountability and daily inspiration.

Why should you work with me?

You can do the Ultimate Portion Fix by yourself, but its way more fun and effective when you go through the content and embrace this new lifestyle with a community of women who are also doing it. I have mastered the principles of UPF, since it’s the lifestyle I have adopted for the past three years and its been a game changer in my life.

I am obsessed with nutrition, and I am always researching and learning more to offer the best coaching to my clients. I am a certified Ultimate Portion Fix Coach, allowing me to share all my tips and tricks to be successful with this lifestyle. I’ve been coaching women for the past three years and know how to make it fun and work for your family, and I have a ton of meal plans and recipes that are gluten free and Fix approved. With me as your coach you can make this a lifestyle you actually embrace for the rest of your life rather than another diet. You can take the ideas you learn in UPF to the office, on your next family vacation, to date night, and so much more and never feel deprived!

My accountability groups are filled with the most supportive and positive women that will support you and inspire you every single day. When you have real accountability, you will have the support to show up everyday for yourself and become the best version of you.

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