Everybody has a different reason for drinking Shakeology and joining a challenge group, and that's wonderful. 

I had one client who was always exhausted at the end of every day. In less than a week, she was reporting quadruple the amount of energy after eating healthy all day long and exercising. 

I had one client who just wanted to live longer for her grandkids.

Another one who wanted to lose 5 pounds, and another that wanted to lose 70 pounds.

Another one just wanted a community of healthy people, people who would help her with recipes and encourage her to eat better.

Another wanted to improve her fitness so she could run a marathon.

All these are great reasons to join a challenge group, and yours might even be a different one. That's great! We welcome diversity here. This program is not a one-size-fits-all package. Being healthy is something for everyone.


This 21 day program is created for busy moms who want to exercise, lose weight, get strong, and be a better role model for their family.


Four and half years ago I was pregnant with TWINS. I gained a lot of weight: 110 POUNDS to be exact. I purposely put on weight to ensure that my boys would have lots of space to grow and that we would avoid any time in the NICU. I was on BED REST for nearly three months, so along with weight gain, I also lost a lot of muscle. I delivered at 38 1/2 weeks and my boys were HUGE and weighed 7.6 and 6.10, so my plan worked.

Fast forward to breastfeeding for 13 months, I lost most of my weight, but still had not gained the muscle tone back. My legs were like JELLO and I always looked pregnant. During pregnancy my tummy muscles SEPERATED five inches, and I was left with a crazy bad HERNIA and about four inches of extra skin. I wasn't allowed to do hard workouts like I wanted and my back always hurt. After living in pain for three and a half years, I had surgery that tied my stomach muscles together and took away the loose skin.

The surgery enabled me to EXERCISE again. With my tummy muscles surgically sewn back together, I could finally do burpees again, and run, and do sit-ups. I was physically incapable of doing those before! Now I REJOICE in the fact that I can do all of these things and feel freaking amazing. Sometimes I wonder why and how I'm so DISCIPLINED to do my workouts everyday and then I remember the pain and craziness my body has gone through just to get to where I am able to do what I love doing. 

Every time I hit play to my AMAZING workouts, I thank my doctor for healing me, and for my insurance that covered most of it. I thank God that I have discovered BEACHBODY, because I have found my people: other women who want to feel good and look good by PUSHING their body to their limits. I thank God that I feel like me again and can get into the best shape of my life. I just don't want to be back to where I was BEFORE I was pregnant; I want to be STRONGER, fitter and the HEALTHIEST I've ever been.


Flash forward to 30 days from now and picture yourself running around with your kids and not being tired. Imagine having tons of energy so that when you get home from work, you are not tired and you can give 100% of yourself to your kids. Picture yourself making healthy and delicious recipes that are easy to make. Envision your family planting a garden and eating fresh tomatoes by the handful. Think of all the new clothes you get to buy when you reach your health goals! We can do this together!


When you sign up for one of my challenges, you will receive a VIP experience. You are given all the tools for success to a healthier and happier lifestyle. When you sign up for a challenge pack, you will get access:

  • Beachbody Online on Demand: An amazing tool that will allow you access any of their 700+ workouts from any mobile device. The workouts are tested for success and are proven to help you lose weight and get stronger. You literally have the world's best personal trainers at your fingertips!

  • A 30 Day Supply of Shakeology: This is a nutrient dense meal replacement drink. It tastes delicious, comes in a variety of flavors, and is way more than a protein drink. This smoothie mix will give you an abundance of energy, help you curb your desire for unhealthy treats and will give you nutrients your body will thrive on. I like to think of it as a momma's liquid gold.

  • Ultimate Portion Fix System: This collection of small containers will open your eyes to how much you are supposed to eat, as compared to what you are actually eating through out your day. These little containers were a game changer for me! And they come with 30+ videos that will teach you exactly how to eat for the rest of your life!

  • Meal Plans: So many people were never taught how to cook with real ingredients, so I always equip my challengers with recipes, tools and resources to find out how to provide delicious and nutritious meals for their family.

  • Accountability: I will be your coach for a whole year or however long you want me to hold you to your goals. Every month I will be hosting online accountability groups on Facebook called a Challenge Group, who are filled with like minded women just like you who are all seeking to be the best version of themselves. It's said that you're far more likely to achieve your goals when you surround yourself with those on the same mission as you, so this community will serve as a hugely beneficial element in helping you achieve the results you're after.


Clean up your routine with the All-Access Challenge Pack. One bundle, one year: unlimited workouts + nutrient-dense Shakeology + Ultimate Portion Fix = Best. Deal. Ever. 

Nutrition + Exercise + Accountability = Success


You will receive three awesome bonuses when you sign up with me as your coach!

  1. A huge part of your health journey is not only filling your body with healthy food and exercise, but also filling your mind with things that will lead to a healthy mindset. I will give you immediate access to a List of Personal Development Books that will get you started to be a happier, MORE GROUNDED and less anxious you.

  2. The Fox Grocery List is EVERYTHING we buy on a weekly basis. This will give you a secret look at what goes into my grocery cart each and every week. I will also give you five recipes that we make on a regular basis that are kid friendly and super healthy.

  3. Shake Date: once you get your Shakeology delivered, we will set up a Shake Date, via FaceTime and you can see how I make daily dose of nutrition. I want to make sure you are making your drink in the best way possible and that you LOVE it.

  4. Gluten Free Recipe Guide: I have been gluten free for 13 years, so I have been doing this for a LONG time. I created a beautiful recipe guide full of recipes that I know your whole family will love, because my kids gobble up the food.


"You really can’t ask for a better coach than Amber.  Not only is she super supportive, but she works hard to make and keep a personal connection with you. And I love how informative she is on everything from health to exercise and nutrition."

- Terri Gelbmann

"Amber has helped me on my health journey in so many ways -- from her suggestions on fun new workouts to try because she knows my fitness level and abilities, as well as she's gotten to know my personality and what workouts I may enjoy, to all of her yummy healthy recipes. She is a true encyclopedia for clean living. I've learned so much from her about diet and nutrition. She checks in with me regularly and encourages me to keep growing in my pursuit to be a healthy and happy woman, wife, mom, Christian, teacher, friend, and person. She's genuine in her passion and care for others on their health journey."

- Kari Ala