You probably know Beachbody through their most popular workout, P90X, but they have hundreds of other workouts, including ones based on country line dancing and power lifter routines. They are the makers of Insanity, one of the hardest workouts in the world, but they also have made workouts for all levels including 21 Day Fix & PIYO. 

For years I paid for a gym membership of $40 a month, but now for a fraction of that amount I take advantage of what is called the All-Access Pass, which is essentially like Netflix for workout videos.

I have an incredible trainer leading me through exercises everyday that target different parts of my body, and allowing me to get an INCREDIBLE workout in only 30-45 minutes. I no longer feel inadequate or in need of spending gobs of money for a trainer, but I have the best of the best telling me exactly what to do. What's more, I am getting exceptional results in a fraction of the time and all from the comfort of my home. 

One of the things I love most about Beachbody's workout programs is that they are developed and tested with a group of normal people for months at a time. So they are tested and proven to work! I can trust that the moves I am being led through everyday are going to bring results, which is way better than me walking around aimlessly at the gym making up my own routines. Beachbody has taken the guess work out of the equation and delivered something AMAZING! 

And when coupled with Shakeology, you are going to have a proven system of losing weight, getting strong and increasing your energy levels. Beachbody offers Challenge Packs, which are essentially bundled deals that give you all the tools you need to get healthy. 


There are literally HUNDREDS OF WORKOUTS, but below are a list of my favorites that I have incorporated into my weekly workout routine and what I recommend to all my challengers. I typically encourage my ladies, depending on your fitness level, to start with either PIYO or 21 Day Fix. After you have gained some strength and confidence, it’s time to move on. I LOVED 80 Day Obsession, LIIFT4 and Morning Meltdown 100, so I alway encourage my challengers to go through one of those programs.


I have done yoga for 20 years and I love it, but it doesn't give me the cardio I want and what my body needs to blast fat. And pilates is crazy expensive to do at a studio and is too slow for me! So when I discovered PIYO, I felt like my heart was met with my workout soulmate. It's a combo of yoga and pilates, but on speed. The moves are familiar, but amped up with a cardio speed, that allows my body to move and sweat. You are essentially using your own body strength to create amazing arms, core and legs. 

You’ll carve every inch of your body without jumps, without weights, and without straining your joints. And rest assured, there’s no complex choreography to learn. Chalene Johnson takes you step-by-step through the moves where you’ll use your body weight to lose weight and get intensely defined! You get your strength, your cardio, and your flexibility training all in one program. 
— Beachbody

21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix® is what I started with when I first started working out and I LOVE it! It's a great combo of cardio, weights and strength training and will totally ease you into working out. It will make you sweat, get your heart pumping and your legs toned. All the workouts are only 30 minutes and you need minimal equipment. And one of the main things that I love about this incredible workout is that there is a total beginner in the class, that shows you how to modify everything, so if you can't keep up with the exercises, you can slow it down with her moves. I did this program and it WORKS! 

With 21 Day Fix, losing weight has never been simpler—or faster! Anyone can have success with this simple program.
— Beachbody

21 Day Fix Extreme

After doing 21 Day Fix® for three months, I was able to build the strength and agility to move up to a harder workout. One of the fabulous things about the All Access Pass is that it gives you the ability to try something harder without having to invest in a whole new program. 21 Day Fix Extreme® is HARD and gets me sweating, panting and a huge rush of endorphins. I have seen dramatic results from doing this 21 Day series of all body workout moves. 

Its essentially a 21-day program of simple portion control and 30-minute workouts that anyone can do that can easily fit into your busy life. It's simple, fast weight loss—no weighing food or counting calories, carbs, or points, which I LOVE. You get to eat real food and rather than it being a diet, it will become a lifestyle. The program WORKS and you will fall in love with super trainer Autumn Calabrese, who will make you push yourself harder than you ever knew possible and help bring results you have only dreamed of. 

Now, Autumn Calabrese has created 21 Day Fix EXTREME®, to get you seriously shredded in the shortest time possible. This breakthrough 21-day fitness and nutrition program combines simple portion control, clean eating, and extreme 30-minute workouts to help you finally get the lean, defined hardbody you’ve always wanted. 
— Beachbody

80 Day Obsession


80 Day Obsession is the latest workout that is about to release and I couldn't be more excited for it. Do you want a sculpted booty? Yes please? Do you want flat abs? Heck yes right?! Then this the program for you. 

This whole body exercise program, lead by super Trainor, Autumn Calabrese, targets the booty and abs over the course of 80 days of different workouts. The workouts are 45-60 minutes and are HARD, but in that oh so good way. And since there are literally 80 different workouts, targeting different body parts each day, then you never get bored! 

 Not only are all the workouts new each day, but you one of the awesome things about this program is the Timed Nutrition advice that Autumn gives. Her and a group of nutrition experts developed the perfect timing schedule for what you should eat and when, which is freaking awesome. I know for myself, I always wonder when is the best time to eat carbs, or how many hours I should space out my meals. It's all done for us with this awesome workout program! Yay! 

So what do you need? 

I would highly recommend buying the sliders and resistance loops from Beachbody. I had originally purchased my from a random company on Amazon, but the strength of them were not nearly as thick as those from Beachbody. And I love to just copy everything Autumn does in the workouts, and the colors of the ones I got from Amazon don't match up with the colors of the people in the videos. The same thing is true for the sliders, as the ones from Beachbody slide effortlessly on my hardwood floors as opposed to the ones I got from Amazon which dragged. Since I am doing this program for an entire 80 Days, I am going all in. 

What do you need to get the MOST out of the program? 

So are you ready to get your bootie toned and your abs cut? LET'S DO THIS!!!!


After two rounds of 80 Day Obsession, I wanted to do something different. And I needed shorter workouts since I was starting school again. LIIFT4 is a no-nonsense combination of weightlifting and high intensity (HIIT) cardio to build muscle and scorch fat. The moves are based on classic lifting techniques that let you isolate, stabilize and focus each rep on the muscle group you're working. Every workout ends with a core routine for a full body build and burn that leaves you shredded. There are no gimmicky moves, no overly complicated routines and no opportunity for boredom because you'll never do the same workout twice. Get it DONE in just 4 days a week, and only 30-40 minutes a day for a total of 8 weeks. 

I am loving this program! I get it done quickly, my arms are so toned and defined and I have crazy defiition in my stomach. I never get bored in the workouts, and since each workout is different, the program is full of surprises. My body is loving it! If you want to have a taste of the workout, click on the link below. 

Morning Meltdown 100

Morning Meltdown 100 is a high-energy, fast-paced, and fierce fitness program designed to be completed first thing in the morning. Commit to 100 workouts, and Beachbody® Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews will get you fired up to build strength and melt away fat. These are high-intensity cardio and resistance-training workouts that will blast your total body, while a live DJ keeps the energy high so you’re motivated to burn off the pounds. The goal: complete 100 workouts and unlock the best version of you.

What makes it unique?

This is the first Beachbody program designed to be done in the morning. When you wake up and commit to giving Jericho everything you’ve got, you’ll go into the rest of your day energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. This is an intermediate-to-advanced program that features 100 workouts broken into 5 phases of 20 workouts each. In each phase, you’ll do a 10-workout cycle of 20- to 30-minute workouts, and then heat up the intensity and repeat those 10 with added 100-second challenges—all designed to give you a solid rotation of cardio, resistance, and mind/body training. However you want to complete your 100 workouts is really up to you. Jericho has included recovery days along the way to give your body some TLC, so if you miss a day or want to plan for a day off you can stack that day’s workout with the next. The program outlines exactly how to do that. The most important takeaway is that you make a commitment to every single morning workout.

Is there music?

Morning Meltdown 100 also features music mixed live by DJ Jesse Blake, who ramps the beats to speed up moves, adding intensity and excitement. It’ll make your workout feel like a party and give you the motivation you need to keep going. At the core of the program is the Be 100 Book, a beautifully designed, interactive, daily motivational tool and tracker that will help you unlock your potential and guide your commitment as you melt off the fat.

Would you like to try a sample workout? You will love it! And don’t worry if you can’t do some of the moves, because you have a 100 days to get the moves.